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This is a great way for Training Center students to better prepare for the state test. Please review the following important information before entering the study center.

Registered Training Center students will be given an user name for entry into each section along with a password. By allowing unauthorized users into this area of our site will you will be revealing your password. 

If you plan on using different computers to access the online study center, please inform your instructor. The program can identify sources. If you give your user name and password out to others, the program will remove you from this system. If your're log in doesn't work, this may be the reason. You must contact your instructor to obtain a new one.

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This system was put in place to provide our students with every possible advantage in passing their test and getting their licenses. The results have been outstanding. Our pass rate is higher than ever before and our students have learned the information much faster than before. More than 5,000 students utilize this study center every month and we continue to expand and improve it's contents. Another thing that separates The Training Center from any other school in this industry.