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How it Works.

  • You must be a student of The Training Center.
  • You will be given a password to enter our job site.
  • If the job is posted, we have the details to help you get/keep this job.
  • We job-place over 100 students a year.
  • Your competition is usually only other Training Center students.
  • A better start is to have your resume sent to us by e-mail in a Word document.
  • Once your resume is on file we will submit it to jobs as they come into our office.
  • If you need assistance in preparing a resume we have a resume service for our students for a nominal fee that prepares you for that important interview.
Our Goal:
• Help more people into better jobs
• Help employers fill their vacancies
• Give STUDENTS of OUR SCHOOL the benefit to advance in the field.
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JOB OPENINGS - Blue Seal Operator Needed for The Training Center Group. Contract Boiler work in South Kearny, NJ Plant.
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